Monday, November 11, 2013

No sew pillows

At AC Moore, I found 3 yards of heavy gray fabric in a remnant bin for $6, and a stencil for $5 .  I had a pillow form already, and removed the pillow cover.  I measured it, then added 2" all around and cut out a rectangle from the gray fabric.  I used the stencil and white fabric paint for the design.  Once it was dry, I used hot glue for the seams, as I do not sew.  I bought two Ralph Lauren white on white damask placemats, which exactly fit another pillow form I had on hand.  I used the same stencil, but used pewer paint instead.  I then used self-adhesive rhinestones to decorate part of the stencil.  Once the seams were all glued, I used silver trim to decorate the edges of the pillow.