Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inspiration and creativity

Creative?  Not me.  Artists, musicians and designers are creative.  Not me.  Right?  This is the message that I accepted about myself for most of my life.


I am creative.  In photography.  In gardening.  In interior design.

One of my favorite photographs of flowers in my garden

The driveway bed I created in 2010, during the month of August

One of the front rooms in my home, redesigned in 2010
The process of photography - exploring, capturing and editing - leads to inspiration.  The images speak to me.

Tree reflections in a pond.  They speak of stillness.

A glowing orange sky at sunset in late November.  A promise of better things to come.

A stack of canoes outside a boating house on the Charles River.  Order, harmony and precision.

Tall grass rustling in the wind.  Soothing sounds of nature.

A brown edged rose.  Decay.

Shoots poking from the ground in spring.  Renewal.

Frost on leaves scattered on the lawn.  Change is a comin'.