Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shine your light

From shutter sisters:

"We are all good at shining the light on others. Singing praises, commenting on the beauty of everyone else's art, photos, and lives. Why do we forget that our own light is so very precious and needs to be nurtured and deserves to be praised? Have we been conditioned to hide our own light?  Forget about tooting my own horn, ugh, no way. But why not? If I cannot believe I am worthy then who will? Allowing myself to stand in my own light is something I am truly working on.

We each have our own special gifts to share with the world, rather than being shy or embarrassed by that, why not shout it out instead! Today shine the light on YOU. Have you done something new or exciting with your photography? Go ahead, tell us! Show us! Celebrate it! Whatever it may be, share it with us here today. Say yes to you and your light."

I've been playing around with Photoshop Elements, and having fun with it.  Learning a new software program is intimidating to me, and usually frustrating, causing me to give up.  Not this time.

My first attempt at combining a background, text, and an object into one photo

Learning textures in Elements

Making a collage in Elements