Friday, December 2, 2011

Super powers

Inspired by a shutter sisters challenge on the super powers that one acquires as a photographer.

Superman has the super powers of speed, flight, strength and x-ray vision.

Spiderman has strength, agility and a certain "spidey sense," among other traits.

The Hulk has a physical strength that increases in correlation to his level of anger.

What are my super powers?

I can take you to places around the country and world that you've never been.

Tower of London bridge
I can make you smile.

I can show you the meaning of faith.  And a mother's love.

Wood sculpture at the Worcester Museum of Art
I can help you to remember your childhood.

Boys having fun on the slip 'n' slide.  Oh, the joys of summer!
I can give you a new perspective.

Morning dew on a fading rose

I can bring you back to an important part of history.

The Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC at sunset
I can show you the beauty of discarded things.

Debate, a sculpture at the Andres Institute of Art, NH